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1 May 2014

Unripe avocados are definitely not as tasty or guacamole friendly. You really want to use the ripest avocados for your guacamole recipe because they taste richer and are far easier to work with and have a far superior creamier texture. If you try to make a homemade guacamole recipe with unripe avocados, the avocados will not mash properly and you will be left with guacamole that not only has a lumpy texture, but tastes too green. Also unripe avocados are more difficult to peel and remove the pit.

The way to tell when an avocado is ripe is by sight and touch. Ripe avocados have a darker green skin. Unripe avocados are typically bright green and darken as they ripen. Also pick up an avocado and squeeze it very slightly to test its firmness. Unripe avocados are very firm to the touch while a ripe avocado is a bit soft and will give way slightly to your fingers. Don’t squeeze to hard as you’ll damage the tender flesh. It’s hard to tell when an avocado is over-ripe but a very over-ripe avocado will be too squishy. The best avocados are the ones that are just slightly softened.


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