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22 September 2013

Scoville Heat Units: 1,500-3,000 SHU

This New Mexico variety was named after Mr. Joe E. Parker, a graduate of NMSU’s College of Agriculture and Home Economics, who helped to evaluate this selection of chile. It originally came from one plant selected from a field of open-pollinated “New Mexico 6-4” peppers. The variety was released for garden production in 1990 and is recommended for growth in southern New Mexico. The chiles grow to about 8 inches in length and 1.8 inches in width, and can be used either in their green or red stage.

Although similar to the New Mexico 6-4 in flavor and heat, green color, and size, it is generally preferable to the New Mexico 6-4 because of its higher chile yield, its thicker walls, and its ability to continue to produce red chiles after the initial green fruit harvest.

The NuMex Joe E. Parker can be a great chile for canning whole, and is excellent for chiles rellenos, or for grilling or roasting, due to its thicker walls.