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July 21, 2017

One-Pan Hatch Chili-Cheese Dip

One-Pan Hatch Chili-Cheese Dip – Recipe One-Pan Hatch Chili-Cheese Dip – Recipe

A zesty, super cheesy dip recipe made with roasted Hatch chili peppers, cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheeses and plenty of seasoning. Bust out the chips! It's party time!

So, there is this crazy AMAZING thing in my house now, and it's called Hatch Chili-Cheese Dip. It's freaking tasty and I'm prepared to go on and on about how much I love this stuff, but I won't go TOO crazy, so no worries. It's just that it was sort of an unexpected recipe that came together on a moment's notice, and now that I've had it, I just want more and more, and I can't understand why I didn't put this fairly simple combination together before, because, end of day, it's pretty perfect.

Yeah. THIS!

One Pan Hatch Chili-Cheese Dip - Recipe

The story is that I had some roasted Hatch chili peppers in my freezer, along with some ground beef that I knew I had to use up soon. Hatch chilies are wildly good. If you've never had them, you owe it to yourself to order some up as quickly as possible directly from New Mexico. The thing is, Hatch chilies are regional only to New Mexico and because of the unique and ideal soil conditions in that area, you won't get chilies like them anywhere else.

I certainly wanted to make sure I used them up. As I browned the ground beef along with onion, jalapeno and garlic, practically my mirepoix, I kept wondering how roasted Hatch peppers would round out this dish. I already knew I was going to toss in some chopped tomatoes and other seasonings. I also had the original idea of adding in some noodles and making this more of a casserole, which I KNOW would totally work, but for some reason, as I pondered the end result of this recipe and visualized myself enjoying it, I found myself skipping the noodles and going straight for the Hatch peppers and loading up a good quanity of shredded cheese.

And then I couldn't help but begin to drool.

I mean, just look at it. DANG! BOOM!

One Pan Hatch Chili-Cheese Dip - Recipe

If ever there was such as thing as BOOM FOOD, this is it. For sure.

What you'll end up with is a slightly meaty, extra cheesy, slightly spicy dip with just the right amount of tomato that will essentially beg for you to dip a chip right in there.

Like so.

One Pan Hatch Chili-Cheese Dip - Recipe

I do not feel guilty about this. In fact, I feel fortunate that I listened to my gut here and followed serendipity, because otherwise, I would have not discovered this new favorite dip of mine. It's somewhat similar to the world famous Queso Fundido Recipe that everyone loves, but the flavors are different. We're using different seasonings here, ground beef instead of chorizo, Hatch peppers. YUM. We have some good spice in there.

I have to say that while it is freaking AWESOME on a crispy tortilla chip, you absolutely need to try this on a warmed flour tortilla. After noshing half the pan with chips, I had the idea that, hey, what if this was served up as a taco? You know what? YES! BOOM again!

I realize I'm being a bit ridiculous here, but trust me. This is some good stuff here. Give it a go for your next party. Or just make it for yourself and don't feel bad about it. You have my permission to do this guilt free. Enjoy it!

I'll just be over here making another pan... Shhh...

One Pan Hatch Chili-Cheese Dip - Recipe

Where Can You Buy Hatch Chili Peppers? Here are my recommendations.

One-Pan Hatch Chili-Cheese Dip – Recipe


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 1 jalapeno pepper, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 6 ounces roasted Hatch chili peppers, chopped – I used a medium-hot variety (Sub in a variety of serrano, jalapeno, and bell peppers if you can't obtain Hatch peppers)
  • 1 14-ounce can chopped tomatoes
  • 1 teaspoon red chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon dried basil
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 cup shredded Monterrey Jack cheese
  • Chopped fresh herbs and chips for serving

Cooking Directions

  1. Heat the oil in a cast iron pan and add the onion and jalapeno. Cook them down about 6-7 minutes, until softened.
  2. Add the garlic and stir. Cook another minute until fragrant.
  3. Add the ground beef and break it apart with a spoon. Brown it on each side about 5 minutes.
  4. Add the Hatch chiles and chopped tomatoes and stir.
  5. Add red chili powder, basil, cumin and salt and pepper to taste. Stir and cook another 5 minutes until the meat is mostly cooked through.
  6. Top with shredded cheddar cheese.
  7. Bake at 350 degrees F for 10 minutes, until the cheese is melted.
  8. Top with fresh herbs and serve with tortilla chips!

Serves 6-8

One-Pan Hatch Chili-Cheese Dip - Recipe

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  • Comment Link Palladini October 01, 2017 posted by Palladini

    I grew my own Hatch Peppers here, Got the seeds from Sandia Seeds, grew about a dozen plants and as the pepper get bigger I roast them over a flame on an outdoor cooking stove. I then freeze the skinned Peppers. I do this all in South Central Ontario Canada. I am still as of Oct 1 picking and roasting Peppers. I will use those to make this dish.
    I also grew some serrano, jalapeno, and bell peppers, as well some Jalapeños. I also grow all kinds of herbs so ground beef and couple Lbs of cheese is all I would need.

  • Comment Link Pino Montalto July 22, 2017 posted by Pino Montalto

    Just finished a whole pan of the One-Pan Hatch Chili-Cheese Dip and loved it!!!
    I was wondering if you guys ever made a Jalopeno Cornbread and if you did, do you have a recipe for me? Hope you do, I had some and I would love to try and make that.
    Look forward to your reply
    Pino Montalto

    REPLY: Thanks, Pino. Yes, I have a couple recipes you can try. Here are the links:

    -- Mike from Chili Pepper Madness.

  • Comment Link mreagan July 22, 2017 posted by mreagan

    REPLY: I used parsley, but cilantro would be great here. - Mike from Chili Pepper Madness.

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