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February 24, 2017

Sweet Ghost Pepper-Pineapple-Pear Hot Sauce

Sweet Ghost Pepper-Pineapple-Pear Hot Sauce – Recipe Sweet Ghost Pepper-Pineapple-Pear Hot Sauce – Recipe

Make your own sweet and VERY spicy hot sauce at home with this recipe, which includes flaming ghost pepper chiles, sweet pineapple, pear, honey and seasonings. Ideal for pork, duck, or chicken.

Once again it's a HOT SAUCE sort of day in the Chili Pepper Madness household. Did you know we actually do not need a reason to have a hot sauce day in our home? Perhaps not, though I'm sure it is most likely obvious to you by now that I have a personal obsession with hot sauce and all things spicy. #HotSauceObsession. Truly, can't help myself. The story behind this particular hot sauce recipe is a bit strange, sort of a perfect storm of situations swirling around the drain of my brain, resulting in this particularly delicious hot sauce that, frankly, BRINGS IT!

We're talking hot sauce with GHOST PEPPERS, sweet pineapple, and pear. Yes, I said pear. Like apples, pears bring a unique flavor and consistency that thickens up the hot sauce and allows it to grab onto your food.

So! Here is the situation.

Sweet Ghost Pepper-Pineapple-Pear Hot Sauce – Recipe

We're hanging out in Florida. I LOVE Florida, but hey, I like my hot sauce, too, so one of the first things I do is start gathering ingredients to make my own for daily use. So! First, we're wandering through the grocery store (Fine, I was wandering, Patty was annoyed that I always take so long shopping for food) and I notice PORK is on sale. Like, ALL pork. Weird, right? I naturally gravitated to the pork tenderloin, which is always fabulous, and snatched up a couple loins.

That baby was about to be cooked! BUT! I needed a sauce to go with it.

SO! Here I am, next "wandering" the local farmer's market where one particular table caught my eye. The PRODUCE table. Gorgeous! These guys had PEPPERS galore, so of course I picked up a large variety, including jalapeno peppers (DUH), long red fingerlings, serranos (YES!!), and, amazingly, GHOST PEPPERS. I was like, what?? These guys have ghost peppers? Yeah, I was sold.

Of course the pineapple caught my eye, mostly because they were screaming at me. Mike! We want to come home with you! I took the one that screamed the loudest. And you know what? PEAR. These guys had a section of pears spilled out along the table among the other fruits and vegetables, and as I stood there, I kept thinking about how perfecly pear goes with pork loin. I literally just wrote an article for Chile Pepper Magazine (Affiliate link! Haha! Get this magazine!) about pork called "Sweet, Sweet Swine" exploring the combination of "sweet" and "pork" and, hey! There you go. The combination of pear, pineapple and pork tenderloin is quite ideal, my friends.

This particular hot sauce can go with more than pork, though. For me, it's a white meat sort of hot sauce. Dash it over any pork, of course, but think about chicken breast. Also, I want to try this with duck. Not a white meat, I know, but I have a feeling it would be STELLAR.

It's a simple recipe. Mine lasted a couple weeks here. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know your favorite use for it!

Here are answers to some of the most common questions I get on other sauces:

How long will this sauce keep? It should keep a few months easily in the fridge, or even longer. It's all about the acidity. To be technical, target level ph for shelf stable foods is below 4.6 ph, but should probably be lower for home cooks, around 4.0 or so, to account for errors. I have not measured the ph of this sauce, but I won't have it around very long anyway. If you're concerned, add more vinegar to lower the ph.

Where'd you get that sauce bottle? I find them locally sometimes, but I also order through Amazon. Here is a link to some bottles I like (affiliate link, my friends!): Swing Top Glass Bottles, 8.5 Ounce - Set of 4. If you like the smaller bottles that most hot sauce makers use, here's another link: Hot Sauce Bottles, 5 Oz - 24 Pack.

Can I process this hot sauce for longer storage? Absolutely. Just be sure to use proper canning/jarring safety procedures.

What should I do with hot sauce? Aside from drizzling it over anything you please, here's a post I did about How to Cook with Hot Sauce. As if you need even MORE reasons to eat hot sauce. LOL. I hope you find it helpful!

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Sweet Ghost Pepper-Pineapple-Pear Hot Sauce – Recipe

Sweet Ghost Pepper-Pineapple-Pear Hot Sauce – Recipe


  • 3 cups pear, chopped
  • 1 cup pineapple, chopped
  • 2 ghost peppers, chopped
  • ¼ cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon dried basil
  • 1 teaspoon mustard powder

Cooking Directions

  1. Add everything to a large pot and bring the liquids to a quick boil. Turn down the heat and simmer for 20 minutes, until the entire mixture breaks down.
  2. Transfer to a food processor or blender and process until smooth.
  3. Pour into sterilized containers.

You can use this immediately or let the flavors mingle a day or 2 to intensify. If you can wait that long.

Sweet Ghost Pepper-Pineapple-Pear Hot Sauce - Recipe

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  • Comment Link Keesha March 02, 2017 posted by Keesha

    Can I switch out the ghost peppers for another less heat pepper

    REPLY: Keesha, yes, you can use milder peppers. Go with habanero, or even milder sweet peppers. -- Mike from Chili Pepper Madness.

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