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7 October 2013

SCOVILLE HEAT UNITS: 100,000-125,000 SHU

Similar in appearance to the original cayenne, this variety is twice as hot and appears slightly wider. Maturing to a deep red, the Carolina Cayenne has wrinkled, thin skin.

It is native to Central and South America but was perfected and developed for growing by Clemson University in 1985. Most significantly, they found that it is resistant to root-knot nematode, a pest that can destroy certain plants and crops. Studies suggest it can be used as a rotation crop to reduce root-knot nematode, allowing another crop to be planted in that space following the Carolina Cayenne.

This version of the cayenne is delicious when used in sauces, marinades and salsas, and can be used fresh, dried, pickled, or as a powdered spice. It’s a great addition to many types of dishes and cuisines.

Like the original cayenne, the Carolina Cayenne has many healing benefits. Cayenne pepper has positive effects on circulation, digestion, heart disease, rheumatism, and even the common cold, along with many other health problems.

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