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Infinity Chili Peppers

Infinity Chili Peppers Infinity Chili Peppers

1,176,182 Scovilles.

Created in England by Nick Woods of “Fire Foods,” the Infinity Chili pepper held the World Record for the world’s hottest chili pepper for two weeks in 2011, before it was ousted by the Naga Viper chili.

With a Scoville rating of well over 1 million, it beat out the Bhut Jolokia, the previous record holder. Its wrinkled skin is an indicator of its searing heat. At these levels, even touching the chili pepper could sting a little and touching your eyes afterwards is not recommended!

People who have tried eating bites of a whole, fresh Infinity chili describe the pain as unbearable and agonizing. The good news is, one of these peppers could probably spice a meal for an army. Perhaps they should call it the 15-pot.

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