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27 October 2020

Roquito peppers are sweet and mildly spicy peppers from Peru with bright, vibrant color and the shape of a pearl or tear drop. Perfect for adding sweet zing to dishes. 

Many dishes around the world use peppers to add spice to the flavor profile and enhance the flavor. Whether you are someone who enjoys extreme heat or simply appreciates peppery undertones in their food, you have plenty of options to choose from. There hundreds of different kinds of peppers available in the market. One of them you may come to love is the Roquito pepper.

How Hot Are Roquito Peppers?

Mostly grown in Peru, Roquito peppers are sweet chili peppers that are frequently used in Mexican cuisine and dishes across South America. While these bright peppers certainly do have a kick, they are mild for the most part. They provide a more balanced flavor profile as opposed to blinding you with the heat. Consider them a sweet pepper and not a hot pepper.

What Does A Roquito Pepper Look Like?

When whole, the peppers are small in size and are shaped like tear drops or pearls, with a wide top and a pointed bottom. They can be found in bright red and yellow colors. Chances are you have most likely eaten some on multiple occasions – you simply didn’t know what it was called. 

Roquito Peppers in a bowl

What Are Roquito Peppers Used For?

Over the past decade, the use and popularity of Roquito peppers has increased steadily across various regions, native or otherwise. The increase in demand has encouraged many retail stores and brands to start supplying them to its growing consumers.

Roquito peppers are most commonly used in fast food like pizzas. These red peppers are a staple when it comes to pizzas in the UK in particular and are a preferred natural alternative to other preserved peppers. They are also found in sandwiches and salads, sauces, fillings, pasta, and salads.

What Do Roquito Peppers Taste Like?

Roquito peppers have a very distinct, tangy flavor that is incredibly pleasant. They add an element of crunchiness and freshness to the dish without being overpowering or too spicy to handle. They are a great addition if you want that little special ‘kick’ to get the flavor going. The bright red color of the pepper also adds to the vibrancy of the prepared dish, whether it is used whole, or in a pureed or sliced form.

Where To Buy Roquito Peppers From?

Finding Roquito peppers in locations where it is not grown locally used to be incredibly difficult just a few years ago. In fact, people would even struggle to find them online. The best you could do was find stuffed Roquito peppers in a corner at your local supermarket.

Now, however, you will find that they are easily available in stores like ASDA and Tesco, or you can order from online sources as well. While many people prefer to acquire them fresh, you can also get them in a jar, marinated in natural sugar cane brine for a sweeter and tangier taste to go along with the heat for very mildly spicy recipes.

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What Are Roquito Pepper Pearls?

A typical Roquito pepper has a spherical shape, making it appear something akin to a pearl. These peppers are available for purchase in their whole, unsliced forms and may be referred to as Roquito Pepper Pearls.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I’m happy to help.

A handful of Roquito Peppers in a bowl


  1. I grow them and prepare them as I would candied jalapeños , absolutely delicious, my kids can’t get enough of them,

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