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25 July 2017

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Capsicum Annuum

The Super Shepherd is a large annual Italian sweet pepper which matures from green to red. They grow to about 7 inches and have a sweet and very palatable flavor with thick flesh, making them perfect for stuffing.

In fact, because of their large size, they make a very hearty meal when stuffed. But the Super Shepherd is delicious just about any way you prefer your peppers- pickled, roasted, grilled, fried or fresh in a salad.

If you like to grow your own peppers, the Super Shepherd is very productive and relatively low maintenance provided you wait until after the last frost to plant in the ground.

If your harvest is large enough to preserve these beauties, they do very well canned, dried or frozen.

Super Shepherd Chili Peppers - large annual Italian sweet peppers
Super Shepherd Chili Peppers – large annual Italian sweet peppers


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