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21 June 2014

Scoville Heat Units: 1,000 SHU

Since the mid 1980’s, China has been sending recoverable satellites into space on a 5 day orbit around Earth. Each trip, approximately 5000 seeds are sent along and are exposed to the zero gravity and cosmic radiation, then returned. Back on Earth, these seeds are then cultivated. Around 50 of each batch show positive signs of mutation. These are selected for a 3-5 year program of cultivation and field testing and selection until those with the best properties are ready for sale. The seeds tend to have a high disease resistance, be more nutritious and give a much higher yield.

This particular pepper has a similar flavor to an Anaheim pepper, and roughly the same heat level, possibly a bit hotter. The peppers I sampled were bright green, as pictured, with a fresh green flavor, with a very mild sweetness. It is not a thick-walled pepper like a poblano or bell, somewhat thinner, a few centimeters thick, though not so thin as a cayenne pepper. They are roughly 2 ounces in size and approximately 10 inches long. One or two would be a welcomed addition to a meal. I place it into the Sweet and Mild category. There have been no official Scoville Heat Unit measurements, but I would rate it around 1,000 SHU.

Hangjiao 8 aka Total Eclipse

  • Large light green fruits about 28 cm for eating fresh, spicy
  • 75-80 days sowing to flowering
  • High cropping disease resistant
  • Germination rate +85%

There have been very encouraging results reported from all over the world.


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