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The whole world needs more poblano peppers, those earthy, grillable, tasty, awesome chili peppers that are the perfect vessels for many a delicious stuffing. Patty was in the mood for something a little decadent and the first thing that popped into my mind was cream cheese. Cream cheese? Really? I have no idea why. There are so many dedadent options around. Decadence abounds! But once the cream cheese train started rolling, I couldn't get off, so the idea snowballed into the recipe you see below.  One key with this recipe is the grilling. I have instructions below for grilling the poblanos, but I've also written up more detailed instructions here - How to Grill Poblano Peppers - for your reference if you have further questions. Grilling your poblano peppers allows you to peel off the skins, and it softens up the peppers, reducing the sugars and amino acids within, bringing…
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Giardiniera is a wonder condiment, turning any sandwich into a burst of flavor. Here is our Chicago-style recipe with plenty of chili peppers, vegetables and seasonings. Giardiniera is something we encounter on a regular basis. Patty and I are from the Chicago area, and Chicago is well-known for its selection of beef sandwiches. If you're from Chicago or anywhere near there, you can't order a beef sandwich without giardiniera. It's a travesty. If you want funny looks shot your way, go ahead and order one and tell them to hold the giardiniera. Okay, I'm half-joking, but only half. Seriously, giardiniera is a tasty condiment you can enjoy on any number of sandwiches, and not only at the ubiquitous beef joints. I personally love it piled onto a hot dog over over a crispy toasted sub sandwich. We have a chain sandwich shop nearby and we enjoy their flatbread sandwiches. They…
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A recipe for the green sauce you find in Mexican restaurants in squeeze bottles, perfect for smothering your burritos, for taco sauce, for any type of Mexican food. It's also great as a flavorful salsa. Recently I posted a Salsa Roja Recipe (Mexican Red Table Sauce), so it is only natural that I follow up with the GREEN version of that recipe. It isn't really the same as the red, but they're synonymous because you'll typically find them side by side in your local Mexican restaurant, either in large squeeze bottles or served in small bowls so you can scoop them out with a spoon to pour over your burritos, tacos, or whatever else you're ordering. The way it works for me is to have each sauce next to me while I chow on my chicken tacos. First I squeeze a bit of salsa roja onto the taco, take a…
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We're always experimenting with traditional Mexican flavors and ingredients. They lend themselves to so many outstanding meal choices. This particular dish is inspired by the uber-Mexican dish, the Enchilada. Ah, the enchilada, that rolled tortilla filled with so much goodness, served up with a chili sauce. We've basically deconstructed your typical enchilada and recreated it as a one-pot dish. Is it a stew? Is it a casserole? We're not sure, but we are sure that it tastes so good! We went with a meatless, vegetarian version, with a chili pepper focus, but this would work just as well with some chopped chicken or pulled pork. I'm seriously going to make this with the leftover pulled pork from a different recipe I made recently, and I can't wait to try that version. The beauty of a one-pot meal is that you can prepare each component of the meal and toss it…
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March 16, 2016

Mexican Rice Recipe

Make this authentic, homemade Mexican rice for your next fiesta then step back as your guests go loco with flavor. We're busting out this AWESOME Mexican Rice Recipe today for no reason other than it is simply awesome. We've thrown Mexican-themed fiesta parties throughout the year, usually toward summertime when the warm weather calls for getting a little crazy, and this is always on the fiesta menu. It doesn't matter how much we make, it always goes. Nary a leftover of Mexican rice, my friends! When we make it at home, I like to make an extra large batch and keep the leftovers throughout the week. Mexican rice goes with MANY a dish, a perfect side pairing, but did you realize it can also be the star of your meal? Try serving it with refried beans over warmed flour tortillas with a bit of shredded cheese, roasted jalapeno peppers and…
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Make your own giardiniera at home with this extra spicy recipe. I used a variety of peppers, including jalapenos, 7-pots, ghost peppers, jaloros, habaneros and Italian sweets, plus so much more. The garden is officially over. Booo! Truthfully, we had an incredibly productive season, yielding MANY LOADS of chili peppers and tomatoes this year. We were both suprised and excited by the amount produced. I finally just yesterday pulled the remaining pepper plants from the ground and gathered another 8 pounds of peppers or so. I will be chopping and freezing some (see How to Freeze Chili Peppers), dehydrating several more (see Dehydrating Chili Peppers), and cooking in general, but here is another one of my very favorite ways to use up a big batch of peppers in order to keep them longer. Homemade Spicy Giardiniera. Giardiniera is a wonder condiment, and it is an absolute MUST if you live in…
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Anaheim peppers offer an alternative to grilled jalapeno poppers for those looking for less of a kick in the spice department. These are just as easy to make as jalapeno poppers. Cajun Cream Cheese Stuffed Anaheim Peppers Ingredients 5 Anaheim peppers, stemmed and cored ( or more as needed, depending on the size) 8 ounces cream cheese 2 ounces shredded cheddar cheese 2 tablespoons Cajun seasoning Cooking Directions In a mixing bowl, combine cheeses with Cajun seasoning. Mix well. Stuff Anaheims with cheese mixture. Preheat grill to medium heat. Wrap Anaheim peppers in aluminum foil and grill 6-8 minutes, or until nicely charred. Alternatively, you can broil them not too close to the heat source about 15 minutes, until they begin to char. Serve.
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A quick breakfast omelette recipe stuffed full with some of your favorite Mexican ingredients, including black beans, corn, jalapeno peppers, avocado, tomato, and plenty of melty cheese, then topped with crema. So, is this an omelet? Or an omelette? How the heck do you even spell this word? A quick Google search tells me BOTH spellings are correct, but I am going with "omelette" because it sounds a bit fancier. Not that these omelettes are fancy, mind you. They look phenomenal, at least they do to me! But fancy? Nah. I've made French style omelettes and they're delicious, though a bit fancier than these bad boys. These loaded Mexican omelettes are "LOADED" because the filling is literally spiling out of them. I don't think I could have wrapped them up completely if I tried. They would look like gigantic overstuffed egg burritos. Sounds sort of fun, doesn't it? Of course…
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A sweet, fresh chili pepper sauce recipe made from chilies picked straight out of the garden, with garlic, honey and oil. Perfect for smothering chicken or salmon dishes. These are the days when I'm SUPER happy we have a great garden. Patty and I like to plant a big variety of chili peppers and heirloom tomatoes each year, along with some herbs, for cooking into all sorts of dishes. We try different types usually, while sticking with a few of our favorites. Our garden is really starting to produce, so I am able to step out our back door most evenings and snatch a few peppers off the plants to whip up into whatever I feel like making for dinner. Here are a few of them I just picked. This is just a few of them. Don't they look great? The plants will be producing like CRAZY very soon and…
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January 27, 2016

Roasted Red Pepper Dip

A dip recipe made with plenty of roasted red peppers, slow cooked garlic, roasted tomatoes, honey and olive oil. Sop it up with torn bread and enjoy. More party food! Dips go a LONG way with parties. They're easily one of the most popular offerings at any gathering because they're usually easy to make and your friends can chow down like finger food by spreading it over crackers or pretzels or whatever yummy vessel you feel fits your chosen dip. This particular dip is easy, too! Good thing! Easy is nice. We were down at the local farmers market perusing all the wonderful fruits and vegetables and I couldn't help myself but load up several bags of goodies. They were practically leaping into our arms - fresh garlic, TONS of chili peppers, juicy tomatoes - oh yes! So much of it went into this wonderful dip that you flatly MUST…
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