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23 September 2013

Scoville Heat Units: 5,000-8,000 SHU

The Puya chile is similar to the Guajillo, but smaller and hotter. It is often used more for its fruity flavor, rather than its flesh, which means it is great pureed, mashed or diced, and then made into a sauce. It may be soaked in water to pull out the flavor, and then the water can be used in your dish. The Puya may be used as a pizza topping, or with meat dishes, such as pork, veal, fish and chicken.


  1. Took me 3 years to get rid of a bag of puyas because in Mexico they are a staple for Mole, which I don’t make.
    Fruity, earthy, and sharp tasting. But so is a habanero and they are different planets to me.
    I’ve tried puyas in my dried chili salsas and sauce but never the right quantities I guess.
    Scoville is all crazy on this because like fresh chilis (japs, serranos, hatch) a single batch will be all over the place heat-wise.
    But tonight I had a revelation. Married a few puyas to the dried guajillos for chili paste and the chili taste is exquisite and the consistency better than an ancho. (used the author’s Beef Chili recipe). Nice, surprising, modest heat you can amp up with a fresh serrano or two.
    Mike is right: will use my last 3 with some arbols for homemade crushed red pepper. This would be outstanding on pizza. I’m sure there are sauces perfect for the puya that I have not found. In my crock pot chili, puya was a blessing. Puya ROCKS in crockpot chili.

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