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6 April 2014

Chili peppers bring food dishes to a whole new level, sometimes transforming normally boring meals into phenomenal dishes exploding with chili pepper flavor. Here are a few cooking tipsto spice up your favorite recipes, and to make your next meal a phenomenal one.

Wear Gloves When Cutting Chili Peppers

I’ve posted this tip in the Chili Pepper FAQ section as well because I get many many emails from folks who have burned their skin when cutting chili peppers. Or they’ve cut chili peppers and rubbed their eye, resulting in a stinging burn. The best way to avoid getting the chili pepper oils on your skin is to wear rubber or latex gloves when handling the peppers. Personally, the oils do not bother my skin at all, but I have felt the burn in the eye on occasion, and it isn’t pleasant.

Remove the Innards for Less Heat

If you love the flavor of chili peppers but not quite the heat, you can easily remove the innards, or placenta, to reduce the heat. Most of the chili pepper heat resides in the whitish interior. Removing them and only eating the fleshy part of the pepper will still add a bit of kick, plenty of flavor, but will avoid that heat that you can’t handle.

Roast Your Peppers for a Different Flavor

Fresh chili peppers are wonderful, but roasted peppers are something entirely different, and extremely delicious. Roasted peppers are a sweeter and not quite as biting as the fresher versions. Give them a roast and see how they change your dish.


  1. When preparing chili peppers do you have to get rid of the little seeds or leave them.Thank Toby

    REPLY: Toby, it is up to you. I typically leave them in or will shake some of the out. If you cut out the whitish insides, which includes the seeds, you’ll remove a lot of the heat with most peppers. Some remove the seeds for aesthetics as well, though they are edible. I hope this helps! — Mike from Chili Pepper Madness.

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